Three Noteworthy Benefits Of Face Sheet Masks

Image by Freepik
Image by Freepik

You may have noticed that we’re a brand that loves sheet masks. Although people have been using the traditional smooth-on facial masks to beautify their skin for centuries, face sheet masks are a

comparative newbie on the scene. Taking the vibe in a slightly different direction, this kind drenches a fabric mask in skin-boosting ingredients and plenty of water. All you need to do is settle it on your face in the right spot and sit back.

Gaining acclaim as the Korean skincare routine took hold, their popularity is far from waning. The question is, are they effective, and do they compare to something like a traditional mud or clay mask? We strip back the hype and get into the true inner workings of our beloved sheet masks.

They seal in the goodness

The right kind of face mask, whether a sheet mask or not, can bring some undeniable skincare benefits. In the case of sheet masks themselves, there’s something noteworthy about their hydrating potential, all driven by the way the fabric mask locks in the moisture.

The general advice is to keep your sheet mask on for around 20-30 minutes, which gives all the ingredients plenty of time to absorb into the skin. Hero ingredients for these at-home treatments include super hydrating Glycerin and energising Coffee Seed Extract, so look out for those for the ultimate moisture and glow boost.

Face Mask

They're mess free

Yep, they’re a little slippery when you get them straight from the pack, but compared to other types of face masks, they are surprisingly low maintenance. We are huge fans of the alternatives, including the well-known clay or mud masks, but if you’d like a mask that works well on the go, while you’re away, or even better, as you recline in bed, sheet masks are the answer.

This comes down to the ingredients. As they use water-based serums, they blend all the actives and other ingredients into a clear liquid, which is infused into the sheet mask itself. The high-water content is beneficial too, especially when paired with ingredients that love water and can be delivered to the skin more effectively through it, like botanical extracts.

Face Sheet Mask
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Ceramide Sheet Mask

Hydration boost

You’ve probably figured this out by now, but the headline benefit of these kinds of masks is their hydrating power. They are literally drenched in moisture and packed with hydration-bringing ingredients. So, are these only for dry skin, or can other skin types get a boost?

The answer lies in the exact formulation for each product, but most people can benefit from the right one. Skin experts will tell you that even oily skin types need gentle, effective moisturisation. Some hero actives like Hyaluronic Acid, Allantoin, Panthenol, Oats and Ceramides can give any skin type a boost, and these are exactly the kind you can expect to be infused inside your pack.

Round Up

If you need a hydration boost and a pampering, chilled spa-like treatment, you can’t beat a face sheet mask. For their self-care benefits alone, they are up there with some of our favourite ways to pamper. For all these reasons, some people ‘sheet mask’ every day. Some each week, and for others, whenever the mood hits. However you do it, just know that it can be one of the nicest ways to hit up some skin-loving actives.