How We Make Our Skincare Products So Affordable

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Question: do you believe that affordable skincare can work?

Shopping for the right products can be a confusing experience anyway, especially when we start comparing premium and budget options. And yes, it’s only natural to ask why one face cream sets you back £80 while another costs you £3.

Yet there is always a rationale behind these costs. As affordable skincare experts, we know a thing or two about why certain products carry a high price point, and how (spoiler alert), affordable skincare can still deliver benefits. To help you debunk the questions around our pricing, here’s how we create our affordable lines.

Using tried and tested ingredients

There are a few different ways to formulate beauty products, and if you want to create something from scratch, with an exclusive, top-secret proprietary mix of ingredients, it costs more. Similarly, if you want to include an ingredient that needs to undergo clinical trials, this bumps up your costs. Affordable brands like Face Facts avoid these costs by choosing tried and tested ingredients already backed by clinical trials. These kinds of ingredients include efficacious ones like Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides, meaning you get a hardworking, budget-friendly option.

Face Facts Body Scrubs

Focussing on hero ingredients

Remember how we mentioned those hardworking, science-backed ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid? Well, another important consideration in affordable skincare is the sheer number of ingredients within the formulation. Keeping that list small can help to reduce the cost of the product; a saving that is passed directly down to you.

FYI, our other hero ingredients include moisturising Glycerin, antioxidants like Vitamin E and anti-ageing Vitamin A.

Face Facts Blemish Patches
Face Facts Body Lotion

Keeping packaging to a minimum

When it comes to beauty and skincare, the packaging is an essential consideration. It needs to keep your product fresh, maintain the efficacy of the ingredients inside and keep it safe from contamination. For all these reasons, a lot of thought goes into product packaging.

There are many reasons to reduce packaging, not least to help reduce our environmental impact. But from a cost perspective, less packaging also drives those prices down. In our minds, it’s an area that should always be reviewed to make sure we’re doing our best for our consumers and the planet, which is why many of our newer products now have 33% less plastic packaging.

Minimal marketing

It’s obvious right, but marketing costs money. Many budget skincare brands cut huge glitzy advertising campaigns and excessive marketing spending to focus on the products themselves. With budgets poured into their creation and development, we can keep our skincare truly affordable.

So, you see the cost of your skincare comes down to a lot more than simply the quality of the products. Our stance is to keep things affordable and accessible, so you can have fun trying different products and ingredients to see what works best for your skin.