How To Create A Skincare Routine: Plus Top Tips For The Four Main Skin Types

Hands up if you’re not sure how to build a skincare routine. With the huge variety of products out there, it’s easy to lose track of the best tips for your skin type.

The beauty industry is always changing, and every year brings a new skincare trend. But remember, your regime only needs to care for and nourish your skin. Here, we strip things right back, taking away the confusion and giving you the essential info to tailor your skin-loving routine.

Do I need a skincare routine? 

Our skin is essential for our health and well-being in all ways. Not only is it the barrier to infection and disease, it also protects us from harmful factors like UV rays and even dehydration. Put simply, our skin mirrors how healthy we are on the inside.

That doesn’t mean you have to use a tonne of products to take care of it though. Because our skin is wonderfully unique, we all need to take an individualised approach, and the important thing is to find out what your skin needs and create a routine that delivers.

What should my skincare routine be? 

While we all need a personalised skincare plan, there are universal basics to keep the skin across our body clean, hydrated and protected. Here’s why:

  • Cleansing – clean skin is a must if we want to remove dirt, sweat and impurities. Left on the skin’s surface, all these things can affect its health and appearance. There are many ways to cleanse, from using a product to washing simply and only with good old H2O.

  • Moisturising – regardless of your skin type, you need to moisturise. The right hydrating products can either reduce dryness or oiliness, but most importantly, they maintain your skin’s natural moisture barrier, AKA the thing that protects us against environmental damage.

  • Protectingstudies continue to show that it’s essential to protect against harmful UV rays. There are ways to do this, from wearing protective clothing to applying SPF (which obviously nails the face part of your skincare routine).
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How to choose skincare products

Before you shop for skincare products, you need to have a good handle on your skin type. Different skin concerns include dryness, oiliness, and sensitive skin, but we can also experience added concerns, running from blemishes and acne to rosacea and eczema.

As most of us have more than one skin concern to work with, getting an understanding of your challenges is step one. From there, you can start exploring the options to discover which products feel best on your skin.

Tips for normal skin

Normal skin types tend to be well-balanced in terms of oiliness and dryness. That doesn’t mean they don’t require any TLC though. Our skin fluctuates throughout our lives depending on factors like hormones and environmental stressors, so it’s important to always care for our skin. The key to looking after normal skin types include:

  • Gently cleansing twice a day to remove dirt and impurities. Choosing The Glow Routine - Superfood Gel Cleanser will help you feel renewed.

  • Hydrating AM and PM to replenish skin’s moisture and lock in hydration. The Glow Routine Hyaluronic Hydra Gel Cream does all this while boosting radiance.

  • Wearing an SPF during the day to protect against sun damage and premature ageing. Note, experts advise wearing SPF 30 or over. feel best on your skin.

Tips for dry skin

Dry or dehydrated skin can feel tight or rough after cleansing, and moisturising is essential. Although cleansing can lead to that tight sensation, it’s still important to remove surface debris for healthy, clear skin. Here are some top tips to help you manage it:

  • Choose a mild cleanser with warm water to avoid stripping the skin morning and night. Fragrance-free products like our Ceramide Hydrating Gentle Cleanser offer the right balance of cleansing action without drying you out.

  • Working in the odd treatment can also freshen up your complexion by removing old skin cells and unblocking pores. Try a weekly face treat like our Brightening Pink Clay Face Mask to increase glow.

  • Serums are great for skin that easily loses moisture. Look for hero ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, in products like our Hyaluronic Hydrating Facial Serum to plump and lock in moisture AM and PM.

  • Creamier moisturisers can work wonders for dry skin, as they have a heavier, oilier consistency that supports the skin’s barrier to minimise moisture loss morning and night. Check out our Hyaluronic Hydrating Face Cream to get all that goodness.

  • Depending on where the dryness hits, you can also double up with products that hydrate specific problem areas, such as around your eyes and on your lips. And remember, don’t forget to finish your AM routine with an SPF.
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Tips for oily skin

Shiny, oily and breakout prone? We hear you! Oily skin is one of the most common skin concerns and can also go hand in hand with challenges like sensitive skin. Balancing the oil is key to this routine, but you also need to nourish.

  • You’ve guessed it, cleansing is step one. Some kind of cleansing AM and PM is a must for any skin type, but especially for oily skin types. Sometimes, washing with warm water can be enough if you’re acne-prone, or use products that are gentle and balancing.

  • Actives like Salicylic Acid are especially recommended for oily skin, so for an extra treat, try our Brightening Silver Glitter Peel-Off Face Mask every few days for a Salicylic Acid boost, or try masks with clarifying Kaolin Clay.

  • Target problem areas with Cleansing Nose Strips or Forehead and Chin Strips.

  • Oily skin needs hydration just like any skin type. To avoid that greasy feeling, look for super light gel moisturisers that will soothe and replenish without clogging your pores AM and PM.

  • As always, finish in the AM with SPF.

Tips for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can go hand in hand with other concerns, including dryness and oiliness, which can make it a tricky challenge. Always work with the natural moisture level of your skin, choosing products to address dryness or excessive oil first, and look for non-irritating formulas.

  • Cleansing twice a day with gentle products like our Ceramide Hydrating Gentle Cleanser can help you freshen your skin without irritation.

  • Super ingredients like Aloe Vera can be wonderful for sensitive skin, and selecting day creams and night creams with this key, natural ingredient can help to hydrate and calm complexions.

  • For an extra boost, try a soothing face mask a couple of times a week to cool and soothe.

  • Don’t forget your daytime SPF!

Round up

Although defining your skin type will help whittle down your skincare shopping spree, remember that we are all different, and our skin changes throughout our lives. Keeping tabs on what works for you and what makes your skin feel good is the most important part of nailing your daily skincare routine. Whatever it looks like for you, know that it’s always worth giving our skin some TLC, so it can work extra hard for us to keep us looking and feeling great.