Why we'll always love ceramides in skincare

Ceramide-infused goodness is here!

Ceramides have been a favourite skincare ingredient with beauty experts for a long time, and here’s why. The headline is that they’re an excellent moisturiser, renowned for their ability to care for dry skin types. But Ceramides can benefit other skin concerns too, and these nourishing properties can make all the difference not just to our face but across our body. Here’s the lowdown on the true multitasking goodness of Ceramides and how to harness them. 

What are Ceramides? 

There are 
twelve different types of Ceramides (that have been identified to date, anyway), and they are fatty acids found in skin cells. They make up around 30-40% of our epidermis (AKA our outer skin layer). The reason this is important is that these fatty acids, or Ceramides, help our skin retain moisture and protect it from germs, which we sometimes refer to as the skin’s barrier function.


The right balance of Ceramides means that our skin is both healthy and hydrated. Think plump, bouncy, dewy-looking complexions, and you’re on the right track. But certain factors can lead to a decrease of Ceramides in our skin, including the use of harsh soaps and exfoliants. We also lose more Ceramides as our skin ages. So, you can see how skincare formulated with Ceramides can be a superstar for dry skin conditions, but what about acne or blemish-prone skin?

Ceramide Blemish

How can Ceramides help blemish-prone skin?

If you are prone to blemishes or acne, you’ll know that dryness can come hand in hand with using certain products. Ceramide's list of skin benefits is long, and some of these perks tie in perfectly with blemish-type challenges. These include:


  • Strengthening the skin’s barrier function – Acne and blemishes can occur when the skin’s barrier has been irritated. When out of balance, our skin can overproduce oil and become easily aggravated. Ceramides help to nourish stressed skin and replenish natural hydration levels. 

  • Soothing inflammation – Similarly, inflamed skin is often a result of an imbalance in the skin’s outer layer. Because Ceramides get to work on the lost fatty acids in skin cells, they help to rebalance moisture levels and reduce swelling.  

  • Smoothing the skin – If your skin’s outer layer is compromised you can experience dryness, dehydration, and a general lacklustre appearance. Ceramides can help to replenish lost hydration and give you a softer, bouncier, and healthier complexion.
Ultimately, it all leads back to how Ceramides get to work on the fatty acids in our skin’s cells. Even if your skin feels oily and blemish-prone, you need the right kind of balanced hydration to keep it happy and healthy. Ceramides can help to do this, with light, nourishing hydration that doesn’t clog or irritate already-stressed skin.

Ceramide Body Wash
Ceramide Body Lotion


What about Ceramides in your body care regime? 

As we already know Ceramides can be a smart, super hydrator, and this can benefit our body care regime too. Just like our face, the skin on our body can become dry, irritated, and overloaded by both harsh skincare products and environmental aggressors.  

What’s good for our face here is just as good for our body. Take your legs for example, which can be so easily dried out with hair removal methods, over-washing, and heavy-duty exfoliators. With the same skin barrier-strengthening properties, and the ability to help our skin retain essential moisture, we can smooth and replenish the skin across our body with Ceramide-infused products.


Choosing your Face Facts Ceramides products 

Although there are twelve different types of Ceramides that we know of, certain types are best for our skin. Most skincare products are formulated with at least three types of Ceramides, and you’ll find them in your ingredient list. The Face Facts Ceramide ranges contain upwards of five key Ceramides to help care for your skin. Depending on your skin concern, we have three different ranges tailored to specific needs: 


  • The Ceramide range – perfect for dry and sensitive skin types, including a cleanser, moisturiser, eye cream and sheet mask. 

  • The Ceramide Blemish regime – containing the skin-nurturing benefits of Ceramides along with key actives like exfoliating Salicylic Acid and soothing Niacinamide to gently balance and hydrate complexions with mild acne and skin blemishes.

  • The Ceramide Body range – with a replenishing 5-Ceramides formula for the rest of our body. 

    Discover our Ceramide ranges now or contact us if you need more help choosing the best products for your skin type.