Our New, Affordable, Goddess Glow-Inducing Shimmer Glow Oil

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If you haven’t heard the hype around body shimmer oils, get ready. A multi-purposing beauty favourite that can offer a whole summer’s worth of skincare benefits, these types of body oils tackle dull, dry skin for an instantly boosted appearance and amped-up glow. So, we are just a little excited about our brand-new Face Facts Shimmer Glow Oil. A true multi-tasker, use across the face, hair, and body to look sun-kissed year-round. Interest piqued? Then read on. 

Body oil vs a body lotion

But first, here’s a little skincare science to help you get the most from your Shimmer Oil. There is a difference between a body lotion and body oil, and there are ways to maximise the benefits of both. A body lotion is typically lighter weight and will absorb into the skin’s surface. This can be ideal for any skin that needs a little boost. Skip across to a body oil and you’ll (unsurprisingly) notice it’s heavier and oilier. It generally sits on the surface of the skin, preventing moisture loss, which can be a boon for dry skin.

Now, both have their benefits, and you can even mix the two to tackle especially dry skin, layering lotion followed by an oil, to treat thirsty skin and prevent further moisture loss. When it comes to typically dry areas like your legs, this can be a no-brainer beauty hack. The best thing about a body oil with added shimmer is that it can offer these skincare perks while giving you an instant glow.

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What's in our Shimmer Glow Oil?

Just like any beauty product, it’s the specific ingredients that make it right for you. That said, some hero botanical oils can benefit most skin types. We’ve harnessed three key plant oils for their nourishing potential, and versatility. This gorgeous trio work together to benefit hair, face, and body, making our Body Shimmer Oil one very special contender. These are:

  • Sweet Almond Oil – a skin hydrator and rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E and D, Sweet Almond Oil has been used for centuries to soften the skin and boost radiance. It may also have the potential to reduce stretch marks, calm stressed skin, and fight UV damage. It’s also considered non-comedogenic, which means it doesn’t clog pores. Yep, it also can add softness and shine to your hair too.

  • Hazelnut Oil – praised for its potential to help with everything from hydration to boosting collagen, Hazelnut Oil is a true beauty hero. High in Vitamin E and tannins (AKA antioxidants), it can beautify even sensitiveskin. Research shows it may also help to reduce pores, minimise stretch marks and work on fine lines. Plus, it can be used to moisturise hair and scalp.

  • Macadamia Oil – high in skin-loving fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants, Macadamia Oil holds its own with its potential to moisturise the skin, with an easily absorbed consistency. It’s also a known hair conditioner, used to strengthen, smooth, and boost shine.

Note, if you have a nut allergy, it’s important to avoid any topical nutty application, just as you would avoid eating them.

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Shimmer Glow Oil

How to use for maximum glow

Now you know, this oil is more than just a shimmery treat, it also holds the potential to give your skin a true boost. So, how to use it to full effect? Here are our top tips to help you get that summer glow, even in the seasonal rain:


First off, before using the oil, make sure to . If your school science lessons taught you anything, it was that oils can separate. You need to activate ours by shaking to combine all its loveliness pre-application.

  1. To boost skin across your body: simply pour a little oil into your palms, rub together then smooth across your body as needed, focusing on the shoulders, décolletage, front of thighs and calves. Remember, if you have particularly dry bits, you can try adding a hydrating body lotion first to both hydrate and lock in moisture.

  2. To highlight your face: for an all-over glow, mix a little oil with your foundation and apply as usual. Or apply as a liquid illuminator to your cheekbones, temples, and nose with a dab in all the target areas.

  3. To boost your hair’s shine: only use a sparing amount for best results, pouring a few drops into the palms of your hands, rubbing together then smoothing through the ends of damp hair, before styling, or applying a small amount to dry locks to soften.