How To Style Your Hair And Beard At Home To Barber Shop Standard

You know the feeling, you go to the barber and get the best haircut, then come home and it’s just not as easy to get the same result at home. Some of that comes down to expert technique, to be sure, but a lot of it is about the products. All you need is a bit of upskilling and the right styling tools.

Cue the Bert & Bert Barbers Collection, a selection of high-performance male grooming products. Crafted with the help of experts, Manchester-based barbers, Bert & Bert, four essential products deliver reliable results, with minimal effort. 

What's in the range

Let’s be real, one product may work wonders on one style but ruin another. This is exactly why we’ve developed products that do a different job, so you can mix and match to get the result you need. Here’s the rundown of Bert & Bert’s men’s hair products: 

Hair Styling Clay – a strong-hold, all-day fixing styling clay with a matte finish. This one is for styles that need a texture and thickness boost, especially short and medium thin hair to create a naturally messy look, loose, slick back styles, and side partings. It’s volumizing, but it’s lightweight, without residue and easy to wash out.


Hair Styling Paste – for definition, texture and long-lasting hold, the barbershop Styling Paste is a water-based, easy-to-wash-out formulation. It’s best applied to wet hair and works for natural looks and looser styles as the ideal texturiser.


Sea Salt Texture Spray – the ultimate texture-builder for longer styles or dull, flat, and frizzy hair, the Sea Salt Texture Spray can be worked through dry hair for instant texture and hold. Formulated with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin, it doesn’t dry hair out like some salt sprays either.


Beard & Hair Conditioning Oil – made to boots shine and soften your beard and hair, this beard oil nourishes down to skin level to moisturise your face and scalp and reduce ingrown hairs. Doubling up as a pre-shave oil, this oil allows the razor to glide. All these benefits are down to a formulation of Almond, Grape, and Jojoba Oils.


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Hair Styling Clay – always start with a small amount, warming it between your palms and running root to tip, and adding more if needed. We prefer using ours on dry hair, but it works on damp hair too. The entire styling process should take minutes, especially for messy looks.


Hair Paste – a true multi-tasker, hair pastes can be used on dry or damp hair of practically any style or length. With more of a sheen-like finish, you only need a little (rubbed between your palms) applied root to tip. When it dries, it will cool and thicken to give you that hold, so go easy and build it up if needed. Blow dry to fix if you’ve worked from damp hair.


Sea Salt Texture Spray – versatile enough to start with dry or damp hair, again, start small and build up the formula. The amazing thing about salt sprays is that they can work even on long hair. The thing to remember is that this is for more natural styles. Remember, it can also be blow-dried into hair for extra volume and hold.


Beard Oil – tip one, less is more! Only 2-3 drops are needed with beard oil, and if possible, apply post-shower or after washing/cleansing your face. Pat your hair and skin dry, then massage upwards into facial hair making sure you get down to skin level. If there’s any excess, you can rub it into the chest or body hair or smooth it through hair and scalp.


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Men’s grooming products are the way to stay looking fresh between barber visits, and finding the ones that work for you is the first step. If in doubt, check out what type of product your barber uses, or contact us at Face Facts for some styling tips. Once you nail it, your routine will be as simple as 1, 2, 3.